About the Artist

Sports Artist Dave Hobrecht

Dave Hobrecht, World-Renowned Black & White Sports Artist

Dave Hobrecht is a sports enthusiast whose life was changed at age 13 when he was hit by a car. Upon waking up in a hospital bed two weeks later, Hobrecht learned he would no longer have the opportunity to fulfill his dreams as an athlete. With both legs shattered and his goals of athletic success crushed too, he chose instead to refocus his efforts toward documenting sport through art.

Over the next 18 months, Hobrecht learned that his breaks from physical therapy empowered him to create for himself a new canvas on life. He sketched image after image from his favorite sports magazines, baseball cards, newspapers and books. Ultimately, after coming home to his family and friends, it became apparent that this young artist had found a new way to participate in the sports he loved so much growing up.

Later, Hobrecht graduated from the prestigious Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, and after several years working in his family's business, he began his professional art career.

Charcoal and Pastel Paintings

Hobrecht is collected by art patrons around the world and is well-known for his classic yet innovative black and white sports paintings. Hobrecht’s choice of dramatic sports subjects, masterful technique, as well as the unique dry brush application method and signature charcoal and pastel medium that he developed and perfected, all give his art an astonishing level of detail, movement and realism that are unparalleled in the world of sports art.

Dave’s classic black and white paintings give his images a sense of timelessness - a brief moment of sporting achievement captured forever in paper, charcoal and pastel. His angles and composition allow the viewer to experience that moment and relive the exhilaration with each glance.

Roster of Hall of Fame Athletes

Dave Hobrecht is America’s hottest sports artist and has provided stunning original art for: Floyd Mayweather; Topps baseball cards; Steiner Sports (Derek Jeter & Mariano Rivera); Deacon Jones Foundation with the NFL; Ferrari; Oscar De La Hoya; Willie Mays; Cal Ripken, Jr.; Barry Larkin; John Elway; Tony Hawk; University of Southern California; UCLA (Bill Walton); University of Texas (Earl Campbell); Louisiana State University (Shaquille O’Neal, Pete Maravich, and Billy Cannon); and more.

Hobrecht at Home

Even more satisfying, this Laguna Beach, CA, artist is proud to have overcome his prognosis of never being able to walk again by spending his spare time at the beach with his wife and four children.