New York Welcome T-Shirt

A high-quality reproduction based on Dave Hobrecht's original charcoal and pastel painting "New York Welcome", personifying the storied rivalry between fans of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The image resonates with every New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox baseball fan who love their team and can relate to the perils of rooting for your team in the opponent’s home ball park. In this dynamic, whimsical piece, Hobrecht portrays a Bosox fan who made the mistake of wearing his team's colors in the bleachers at old Yankee Stadium. The Yankees Bleacher Creatures are heckling and menacing the intimidated Sox fan. Look a little closer and more of the story unfolds as you see that the poor Sox fan is also sporting a black eye. "New York Welcome" echoes a Norman Rockwell-like humor and feel, capturing a resonant moment of unbridled baseball fanaticism. Available in Black, White, and Grey.