Mickey Mantle T-Shirt

A high-quality reproduction of artist Dave Hobrecht's original black and white charcoal and pastel painting of all-time great New York Yankees star and baseball Hall of Famer, Mickey Mantle. Mantle is largely considered the greatest switch hitter in Major League history. The Mick entered the league in 1951, the same year as Willie Mays, and both were the original five-tool players, hitting for average and power, with speed, a great arm and defensive range in centerfield. In an 18-year career cut short by injuries, Mantle still managed to sock 536 HRs, 2415 Hits and 1509 RBI with career averages of .291, .421 OBP and .557 slugging. Hobrecht’s painting of Mantle is based off of Mantle’s famous 1952 Topps Rookie Card, depicting Mick in his rookie season when he was still wet behind the ears. Available in Black, Grey, and White.