Meal Ticket One-piece

A high-quality reproduction based on Dave Hobrecht's original charcoal and pastel painting of a heated horse race at iconic Churchill Downs, called "Meal Ticket." This beautiful black and white image depicts the intensity of a stretch run at Churchill Downs. While three horses are separated by just a couple of lengths, the lead horse appears to be pulling away for the win. The image is one of the most popular at Hobrecht Sports Art Gallery because of its unique low perspective from track level, severe cropping that conveys the fierce intensity of the drive down the stretch, and the long panoramic composition that includes horses, jockeys, track, cheering fans, and some of the immediately recognizable architecture of the grandstand at the home of the Kentucky Derby. The title "Meal Ticket" comes from the man in the upper left hand corner of the painting, because it appears as if he was the only one who won the bet, and the winning money will be his "Meal Ticket" that night. Available in Black, Grey, and White.