Log Ride One-piece

A high-quality reproduction based on Dave Hobrecht's original charcoal and pastel painting entitled, "Log Ride." "Log Ride" is Hobrecht's action sports masterpiece, capturing a fearless snowboarder about to attempt an extreme drop into some sketchy terrain. The dramatic piece pauses that precise breath-holding moment just as the snowboarding daredevil plunges for the ride of his life! Hobrecht uses his signature black and white style of dry brush applying a proprietary blend of ground charcoal and pastel to convey the drama, action and suspense of the moment. The viewer's perspective is from beyond a stretch of trees, watching the amazing performance. Hobrecht turns his unique blur effect on its ear, blurring the snow-covered tree branches in the foreground while the fearless boarder is in sharp focus in the background. Available in Black, Grey, and White.