A Tale Of Two Cities

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January 7th, 2021, we lost baseball legend and Hall of Famer, Tommy Lasorda.  Lasorda was considered one of the greatest Managers the Dodgers ever had and maybe one of the greatest of All-Time.  Born September 22, 1927, Tommy Lasorda began his career in 1954 as a Brooklyn Dodger.  Then went on to Manage the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976-1996 and was inducted to the HOF in 1997 with a 1,599 game winning record.  Although Lasorda may have had short runs with other teams in his career, he will always be remembered as a lifelong Dodger.

Just a few weeks ago, Dave Hobrecht, a life long Dodger fan, was commissioned to paint a tribute to Tommy Lasorda.  In fact, Lasorda was supposed to come into the gallery to sign the painting the very week he went into the hospital.  We kept in touch with his agent, praying for a quick recovery.  The painting not yet fully completed, we anticipated good news any day.  Hobrecht, being so meticulous, took his time in the completion of the painting.  Then on January 4th the painting was done and just a day or two later we got word from Tommy Lasorda’s agent that he was doing well and that he was released from the hospital.  We reveled in the good news and anticipated the day that we could present Lasorda with this painting, commemorating his life as a Dodger.  This morning, we were devastated at the news of his passing.  Did Dave Hobrecht know something deep inside when he began painting this work of art?  You decide.  All we know for sure is that we lost a Dodger legend today and that we won’t see him sitting behind home plate when watching Dodger home games anymore.  In memory of Tommy Lasorda, I present to you, A Tale of Two Cities.

MLB licensed Topps Artist, Dave Hobrecht, Gives you the painting called, A Tale of Two Cities

Dodgers World Series is licensed by the MLB and Fanatics

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